UpSIGHT. A new paradigm for innovation

From the successful experience in the management field of PROGESA S.p.A. and in support of the birth and development of SPINNVEST srl technology-based startups, the new UpSIGHT service is born, aimed at supporting the company in a distributed, participatory and decentralized innovation process.

The purpose of the collaboration between the two companies is to support and support all those spin-off activities and business startups whose business idea is born from innovation, looking for all the tools, financial and otherwise, to support them.

Our mission is to create a bridgemaking service to connect the company to the external innovation ecosystem. The guiding principles we pursue are summarized in 3D:

  • Discover: explore the art of the possible and identify potential partners and technologies of the innovation ecosystem;
  • Develp: identify use cases, conduct rapid prototyping and build a Proof of Concept solution;
  • Deploy: implement the large-scale solution for technological integration, customization, business process engineering and change management.

Digital transformation and technology bring new challenges. How we planned to address them, focusing on the 6 key aspects:

  1. Industry 4.0 production model
  2. Marketing and sales
  3. Cloud
  4. Skills of the replica watches staff
  5. Industrial management
  6. Cyber security

The key points we work on contribute to redefining the business process, which therefore becomes an open innovation process.

For more information on our modus operandi and to structure and implement your new innovation process, please contact us.